Spring clean up

LH Gardens will get you on track for the season by cleaning out your containers, getting your borders edged and mulched, and fertilizing your plants to have everything ready for a great gardening season. 

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Summer Routine

Your borders and containers will look their best under our care. We remove spent flowers, browned foliage, and of course weeds. Our methods include pre-pruning for a more controlled look and the 'editing' of plants that may have become too exuberant. 

Fall Chores

We put your beds to beds by tucking in perennials for the winter, planting spring bulbs, transitioning containers to cool weather flowers, and tidying leaves as needed. Some of your perennials may need replacing or dividing; we know what to do and when to do it!

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Winter Work

Winter is the perfect time for most types of pruning and LHG will start taking care of your property early in the year. 



Make Your Gardens Shine

No garden is ever finished. They need a bit of fussing to look their best, and this is what we do!


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Fine Pruning

For the beauty and health of your trees and shrubs