Buxus is a special plant in Virginia, and LH Gardens horticulturalists know how to treat them right. We reach in to 'punch holes' for air circulation and interior growth. Depending on your tastes, we shape boxwoods tightly or leave them looser for a ‘cloudy’ look.

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Small Ornamental and New Trees

We are experienced pruners who know how to handle espaliers, topiaries, and small ornamental trees such as Japanese Maples. Older ornamental trees need modifications and new ones need a good start in life.


Restorative Pruning

If your landscape plants are encroaching on your window views, we know how to get them back under control without threatening the plant's health.


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Preserving your Investment

Important shrubs and trees are the 'bones' of your landscape, and they need to be looked after properly in order for them to stay healthy and attractive. 



Make Your Gardens Shine

No garden is ever finished. They need a bit of fussing to look their best, and this is what we do!


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