Leslie will meet with you to discuss the site, its opportunities and limitations, and your tastes.



Idea Exchange

You are welcomed to be as big a part of the planning as you want by sharing your plant choices and opinions, or you can just let Leslie present ideas to you!


Visual Plan

Whether you prefer a formal drawing or a sketch, we will make sure you have an idea of how things will look. Photo collections on Pinterest help you see what your new plants have the potential to be.

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LH Gardens will make sure that the soil in your existing garden is primed and ready for success with compost and other amendments where needed. Our certified horticulturalists know how to give your plants their best start in the ground. 



Make Your Gardens Shine

No garden is ever finished. They need a bit of fussing to look their best, and this is what we do!


Related Services

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Welcoming and important arrangements.

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Fine Pruning

For the health and beauty of your trees and shrubs.



It’s what makes your gardens stay beautiful.