LH Gardens specializes in annuals, perennials, containers and fine pruning. We work in conjunction with your landscape crew to keep your gardens beautiful by concentrating on the horticulture that they may not have the time or training to do. 

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Whether you want to adorn your entrance, decorate your terrace or have the perfect focal point in your garden, containers are important.

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Fine Pruning

We are trained to prune your important plants such as boxwood and small ornamental trees by hand for their optimal health and beauty.



Gardens change, weeds grow, some perennials outgrow their space. We keep your beds and borders tidy and organized.



Either with a formal plan or a simple sketch, Leslie Harris will design a new garden space for you, or add to your existing plantings to perfect your outdoor spaces.



Leslie Harris taught school for over thirty years and loves to 'gardensplain' on the topics of horticulture and maintenance of gardens. Have her come to your meeting or event.